'Compost' at Lowes?

gnappiJanuary 18, 2012

Lowes has this "Organic Compost derived from Cow Manure" there. It's ~ $1.75 a bag.

I don't have a spot for a compost pile so I buy it to amend my soil in raised gardens. I mix it with fine peat as it seems to also have a some sand in it. Everything does really well growing in it.

Does anyone else us this stuff?

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That seems to be in the 'budget' category for store-bought stuff, which is not intended as a criticism by the way. After doing some lab tests on various composts, I've found you kind of get what you pay for.

You've already found it has some sand, and if your soil is heavy (clay) that's not a bad thing. It does take up space in the bag that would otherwise be organic matter, which is another way of saying the bag isn't all compost. That's one reason it's cheaper than the 'premium' compost products.

The bag of Lowes cow manure I analyzed last year (which is probably not from the same original source, but just to illustrate) was relatively low in organic matter, middle of the road on nutrients and total salts (conductivity), and pH was neutral.

There is certainly nothing wrong with this stuff and I've used many bags of inexpensive compost and topsoil from the big box stores.

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