Whole eggs

lilacs_of_mayJanuary 2, 2008

I know you can put crushed egg shells into the compost bin, but what about whole eggs? I've been cleaning out my refrigerator and I noticed a couple eggs in back that are months out from their sell by date. I don't want to try eating them, but can I dump them in the compost bin?

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sure go right ahead. Don't leave them whole but crack them because otherwise gas pressure builds up while they decompose, and they can cause little, very stinky explosions when you touch them with a garden fork. Also put them somewhere in the middle of your pile to prevent cats, rats etc from smelling them and visiting your heap.

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yep, DEFINITELY bust them up first. I put a bunch of old ones in after a power failure and ONE of them somehow stayed whole.


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nvrnugh(7b-8a Chesapeake, VA)

WOW so you can put the yolk in? Is there any controversary on this issue or it's a widely used practice by all?

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my research shows that as long as the cholesterol level of the pile doesn't exceed the temperature, egg yolks are fine....

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nvrnugh(7b-8a Chesapeake, VA)

I have been surfing the net and all accounts to using the yolks say NOT to in composting.

Melonhedd -- where did you get your research??

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

I've composted whole eggs, and never had any problems. It was only a few eggs at a time, nothing large scale.

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People advocating not putting whole eggs in are probably wary of rats.. it's a delicacy for them. As long as you put the eggs inside the pile it won't be a problem. Especially if it's just the odd egg. The smell will be sufficiently masked. Putting hundreds or thousands of eggs in is a different story, but the same could be said of a disproportionate amount of anything else.

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Ladies and gentlemen, let's be serious. The articles that are supposedly written by the experts point out the many things that shouldn't be put into a compost pile.
We recognize pet feces as one of the more obvious to not add and along with such things that don't break down that easy....twigs, bones, grease....et al....
we also say egg shells are a wonderful addition.

Well, egg shells often still contain some of the albumen....so do we suggest first we wash the shells before we throw them in or before we crush them.
So, what is possibly going to occur to a pile of compost garbage when 2 eggs....with the yolks, are going to do.

Rats like eggs!.....That's a new one on me. But then, I've never studied what rats prefer on their menu--I don't have rats and I doubt an egg buried in a compost pile is going to be attracted.
I love to fish....my lake is the ice-fishing capital of the world...and summer bass fishing is one of the best in Canada. I have caught my share of fish to which I clean them and ...fish being fish, and being good amendments to the garden ---through the addition of them to the compost pile, I have put as many as ten bass....each one better than 2 pounds...into my compost pile...making sure to bury them deep. And ne'er a dirty rat showed up, not even a Cagney.

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Hear hear to the above!

I use whole eggs in my compost, just break them first. I also use fish and I have put the remains of holiday turkeys into the maw of a hungry hot compost pile. I have not disturbances from vermin probably because I cover it well and I pee on it.

Other things that are supposedly not recommended that I add. Dead birds and fledglings. Despite our efforts to feed and water the birds there are occasional deaths that occur. When found they go into the compost pile.
I also compost milk and ice cream that has gone bad. If I caught a rat in my compost, I would add the rat to the compost, pee on it, and cover with some leaves.

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nvrnugh(7b-8a Chesapeake, VA)

ok so just one last question then no difference if you are using the compost for vegtables??? Eggs, fish and all :)

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Not for me there isn't a difference. Good compost is good compost and the veggies get the priority for the best homemade compost.

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First, I am NOT going to pee in my compost bin. Especially not in the dead of winter. :-)

I haven't seen any evidence of rats anywhere near here. I'm in a suburb, so there probably would not be that much to encourage rats. I did find a dead mouse, possibly a baby mouse, in the yard.

I'll dig a hole in the compost, dump the eggs in, smash them with a stick, and then cover them up well. I'm not talking about a lot of eggs here. I hope not, anyway. I haven't cleaned the whole refrigerator yet. But it's probably just the odd egg that gets forgotten about.

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