I want to trim a big hedge

lakeyjimJune 30, 2013

I've read the "how tos" but that's not my problem. My hedge (privet) is about 10 ft high. At it's thickest it maybe 6 or more ft wide.

What I want to do it bring the height down to at least 5 ft, maybe more to make trimming easier. There is no way an electric timmer (or gas) will work as the stalks are too thick. I envision something like tractor with a bar like they use to trim weeds along the road. The trimmer blade openings on one of those babies are way big enough to cut the stalks.

I even remember seeing a tractor-trimmer that could raise the blade and keep it level. That would be ideal but last time i checked, I don't have access to highway maint equipment.

Is there any kind of power trimmer with both wide blade openings and a bar that it 6 ft long? Like a two man manual saw, perhaps there is a trimmer with a handle on the end of the bar. (obviously protected from the reciperocating blade)

I can remember years ago trying to lower a hedge using a chain saw but it kept snagging and knocking the chain off the saw bar every time i tried.

Any suggestions?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

I can remember years ago trying to lower a hedge using a chain saw but it kept snagging and knocking the chain off the saw bar every time i tried.

==>>> OK.. you cracked me up ...

you did this before..

and you want to do it again???

really ... >???? .. lol

how about a pic ... i am stumped... pun intended????

one thing for sure.. if you want it to 5 feet.. you prune it to 3.. so that when it regrows.. it will be workable at 5 .... perhaps that is why you are doing this again ???

i wonder if there is some tractor mounted ORCHARD tool for this type thing...


Here is a link that might be useful: i googled : tractor mounted orchard pruning.. and came up with this link .... there you have it.... lol.. probably cheaper to move.. or just cut the privet at 3 inches.. with your chainsaw.. and be done with it...

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I tried with a chainsaw too, and it was a total failure. I ended up doing it with a hand saw, after cutting down most of the upper growth with the big loppers.

I had tree guys cut the hedge down many years ago and they used a chain saw successfully, but it was a huge and powerful thing, and they cut the privets to about 6 inches. (Obviously, there is a lot less flex in the trunks at 6 inches than there is at 4 feet).

The best thing about hiring a tree company to do it was they chipped up what they had cut down; when I did it myself, I had to deal with all 15 feet of the damned things and it took forever. That privet wood is some tough.

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NHBabs z4b-5a NH

The tractor mounted equipment used around here is not something I'd use on a plant I cared about since it shreds the ends of the branches. It looks really ugly andI am sure isn't healthy for the plants.

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