Mysterious appearance

tacky_gardenerOctober 6, 2013

Last week one of my koi, an 8 in beauty, disappeared...raccoon, cat, I don't know. (Netted pond to keep out predators, although I don't like the look. Haven't had a problem with predators before.) Yesterday, a thin 5 in comet emerged from a crevice on the side of my small (500 gal) pond. He seemed to have a difficult time swimming, spent a lot of time under the waterfall. He returned to his crevice a few times. He didn't eat. I decided to leave him. The other fish initially were curious, but generally left him alone. This morning he was swimming with the rest and joined them in feeding. The lower half of his tail fin is missing, but he seems much improved. I wonder where this guy came from. And! I wonder if the koi will similarly reappear, although I think he was too big to fit between the rocks. Comments?

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Do you have any other gold fish? It is a miracle if you don't. Maybe someone in your neighborhood decided to quit taking care of their fish and slipped him into your pond.

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Cooper's hawk! In a tree...looking over the pond. Beautiful bird, but probably the culprit in the disappearance of Kimono, the koi. No explanation for the appearance of the skinny comet, though. My son reminded me that there were once four comets. The first one disappeared over a year ago. I found its skeletal remains in the skimmer. I have no idea when the second one disappeared, although it was several months ago when I inventoried the fish and there were only two comets. The prodigal fish is gaining weight and looking healthy. He's probably mine and not a gift from the neighbors.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Coloration in comets is quite variable. Several of mine have gone through several changes. My comet population increased by seven this spring. I didn't catch a glimpse of them until they were 3 to 4 inches long and only see them when they are getting fed. They are now almost six inches. The only colors that have remained stable have been of their fins and tails.

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I had a comet disappear for an entire summer then re-appear in the fall. I think he was injured by a bird who got one of my other comets and hid till he recovered enough to come out and hang with the other fish.

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