High Desert Pond - For Diggery :)

pcanOctober 20, 2013

Here you go Diggery, Pecan pond 2013 :)

It is such a joy, I love our pond. And!!!! We are in mid construction on a new master bedroom coming off the back of our house. Problem with the old master bedroom is it was 10x10 with a tiny closet and one small window looking out onto the pond. The new master will be a bit larger 13x13 with the south wall facing the pond made up of mostly windows and a glass door. The door will open to a covered patio where I can walk right out the back of the bedroom and have coffee looking over the pond :) The old master bedroom will become the new walk in closet.

For now here is the pond :)

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How beautfiul. It sounds like a dream to be able to walk out of your bedroom and overlook your pond. Nice plan!!

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Beautiful, restfull, a mirage in the desert.

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That looks so awesome. When you first posted this, I took a guess that you were in Utah.

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