Water lily recommendations?

jerseytom(z6 Central NJ)October 10, 2009

Can anyone recommend hardy water lily varieties that have LOTS of leaves? I'm looking for water lilies that will create a dense mound of leaves that will thickly cover the surface of the water (lots of pretty flowers would be nice too!) I have one like it in my pond now, but I don't know the name (has white blooms, very pretty). Most of my other hardy water lilies have sparse, widely separated leaves that float without touching one another, leaving much open water. So, any recommendations for "dense-leaved" water lilies? Thanks in advance!

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mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)

My Sulphurea (cheapee from Menard's as I recall) really put out a bunch of leaves actually holding some above the water they were so thick. yellow flowers were nice.
My Colorado made good pad cover on that end of the pond but went absolutely wild with bloom...must have been at least 3-4 dozen over the course of the year...pink often held aloft.

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jerseytom(z6 Central NJ)

Thanks! Just what I'm looking for. I will be sure to try those varieties next year!

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Colorado and Texas Dawn have lots of leaves.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Frequent repotting will make them grow less pads and have a more open center. A full center with humped up growth that sticks out of the water is normally a big sign to repot. If you don't repot, many if not most will do this.

Colorado is a very vigorous peach waterlily that blooms like crazy.

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