Pyracantha Espalier Pruning for Consistent Flowers/Berries

steve1young(7A)June 20, 2011

I've created a Pyracantha Espalier using 'Mohave'. I have it attached to an iron trellis and with last year's growth it now follows all of the trellis's gothic lines beautifully. Last year the Pyracantha was still quite young and it only followed the lower lines of the trellis.

Last season, all of the old branches were covered with white flowers in the Spring and bright red berries in the fall/winter. It was quite a show.

This Spring, all of the new growth from last year was covered with flowers and I'm expecting a great show of bright red berries this fall/winter. However, the lower branches that were covered in flowers last Spring (and berries over the winter) did not flower this Spring.

My understanding is that Pyracantha blooms on old wood, but how do I get flowers (and subsequent berries) to bloom on branches that held berries over the winter?

What should I have done to get those old berry-covered branches to produce flowers this Spring?

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I've been continuing to research this and although I can't find a definitive answer, based on what I'm reading, it appears that I should be doing the following. At least this is my educated guess, so if anyone is interested:

Pyracantha blooms on old wood, so to encourage new wood amongst branches that have already flowered (and will bear fruit this fall/winter) I should prune some branchlets near and around the branchlets that have already flowered, hence encouraging new growth this year that will be old growth next year and bear flowers/fruit. I just have to be very careful not to prune any branchlets that have already flowered.

I think that makes sense. So, off to sharpen and prune! Wish me luck.

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