Is it too soon to remove winter protection?

redwolfdoc_z5(5)March 30, 2014


It's finally beginning to feel a bit like spring, and although the forsythia won't bloom for another two weeks at least, the buds are starting to form. I know it's too soon for pruning, but I'm wondering when is best to take down the burlap and leaf mulch winter protection.

The two-week forecast has temps down to 25 F on one or two nights, but mostly staying between 35 and 45. The ground is very, very wet right now and there's still quite a bit of snow to melt off. I'm worried about rot.

Any advice is welcome!
Thanks, as always,

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Chuckling about feeling like spring because it's snowing here in central MD. Not chuckling about the snow though. Grrr! It's not only the cold temperatures. The soil is so water logged it can't be worked.

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Sigh, I know. When I say "starting to feel a bit like spring" I mean only that the temperature is marginally above freezing and the sun is out today. And you're absolutely right about the soil being waterlogged. I had a walkabout through the backyard earlier and the whole place is either an ice sheet or a bog. Guess I have to wait! :)

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I have removed my winter protection. I also pulled my pots out of the garage. I hope not prematurely. It was 61 degrees today and I had to do SOMETHING. We will dip down a bit in temp, but I hope its okay. Days aren't expected to dip below 40 for the next week or so.

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Do you know how low can potted roses take? I have removed protection off my potted roses and some of the canes are already leafed out while under cover. Tonight it is going down to 30 degrees for about 3 hrs. Do i need to cover them?

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seil zone 6b MI

Well, I hope y'all haven't jumped the gun. I haven't touched any of mine yet. I lost too many to that Easter freeze a few years back so I'm going to leave mine on for a while.

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I haven't touched any of my roses yet, though I stare longingly at them on a nearly hourly basis. That winter protection is looking pretty mangy! Seil, your comment gives me strength to wait though. Well, your comment, and the nasty, half-frozen, half-quickmud state of the backyard...

I have one brilliance fern (grows both orange and green fronds) growing like gangbusters, no other signs of life. I'm gonna have to get more of those! This one is ahead of the forsythia and hellebores, even!

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