Roses-dug them up for landscaping, now what?

Lesuko(5, Boulder CO)March 9, 2012

I'm new to flower gardening (previously only vegetables). We had to dig up some roses in the front of the house. I put them in a cardboard box with dirt and covered them with hay where they stayed for the winter. Since it's been such a warm winter, I noticed some new leaves sprouting on 1 plant. I had thought that i killed them.

Should I try replanting them? If so, what should I do? Cut off all stems? Divide roots? Just bury and wait? Feed it? Soak the roots in a hormone?

I have no idea what kind they are as the previous owner planted them.

Also, i have a vining flower that's in the box. I think it's a clematis. I read on this site that they are hard to propagate. But, if I cut back the vines and bury the roots, would it survive? I guess I can try but we have very little room so Im not sure if I should stick something in the spot that has a better chance of surviving.



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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Soak them for 24 hours first unless the dirt has been wet all winter. Cut the canes back to around 12" and plant them. If there is a bulge between roots and canes, it is the graft, and this should be buried a couple of inches. Water heavily after planting, about 5 gals per plant.

Same for the clematis.

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seil zone 6b MI

Both roses and clematis are pretty tough plants. The fact that they're still alive after spending the winter in a cardboard box attests to that! Clematis can be hard to propagate depending on the variety but that's not what you are doing. You already have an intact root system so basically you're just transplanting. Follow Michael's directions and both the roses and the clem should survive.

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