transplanting snowdrops

liv2learnFebruary 10, 2007

Someone I know just emailed to say that her snowdrops had already come up and were on their way out; she wanted to know if I wanted some before other things on her garden starting coming up. Is it possible for me to take some of these now and plant them later when the weather is warmer, or do they need to be transplanted right away? Is it better to wait until a later date to dig these up? I am in new England where the temperature is under freezing right now.

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I've transplanted snowdrops, often by accident, at all times of the year and they have never failed to thrive and bloom. I have read that the best time to move them, though, is when they have just finished flowering. Nevertheless, if your friend wants to send them now, I don't see why they wouldn't be fine until spring if potted up in a nourishing mix and set in a sunny place to let the foliage ripen. Might not be pretty now, but next winter's blossoms will be well worth it!

Mine have been up and blooming now since early January; despite daytime temps in the low/mid twenties and night temps in the single digits they look fine. However, since it sounds like yours are coming from a slightly warmer climate than you are in, if possible I'd place the potted bulbs/plants in a somewhat protected spot like the window of a garage or in a coldframe, or even the south side of a building or stone wall.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the input. They are actually in the same zone as I am. I think our December/January warm spell brought them out a little earlier than usual. Another person suggested doing something similar to what you suggested. Have her dig up a bunch, put them in a sheltered area of my yard, and place some potting soil and maybe mulch over them until it is warmer and I can plant them in their permanent home. I'll give temporary transplanting a try and see what happens.

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