Georgia clay gardening

DanBottJanuary 17, 2013

I'm a first time gardener, and I'm looking to grow some veggies this year. The past few days I've done a lot of research on gardening in clay, amending the soil, etc.

I have a 14' x 9' plot that I've dug a foot deep where I want my garden. In my backyard I have quite a few rotten pine logs, rotten to the point that I can reach into the log, and pull out a handful of wood pulp and termites.

My question is, will this organic matter be sufficient to amend the soil this year?

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Dan, bumping this so hopefully someone more in the know than I will respond. My first thought is that they might rob nitrogen if used as an amendment. You could use them as mulch.

If you can get them, coffee grounds are a really good amendment. I get them from my Starbucks and my GA clay is better for it.

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If there is enough of that wood to amend the soil to around 6 to 8 percent organic matter you have enough, otherwise you will need more organic matter. However, the more variety of material you use to amend your soil the better. Depending on whether that wood is tilled into the soil or used as mulch will determine whether there might be a short term nitrogen depletion. Coffee grounds can be used as part of the organic matter soils need but it should not be all that is added.

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dan, maybe a good time to read about lasagna gardening. You could add some good stuff now - cardboard, coffee ground, table scraps, tons more. I've been happy using wheat straw with my Georgia red clay. These things won't rot, be used up before spring planting time but will all be good amendments.

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