Nandina variety resistant to powdery mildew?

mc510(9b)June 12, 2014

Here in cool foggy Bay Area, my Nandina (probably 30 years old and came with house) get terrible powdery mildew. Are there newer varieties that are very resistant to powdery mildew? Or are they all pretty much the same in this regard?

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Sara Malone Zone 9b

I haven't ever seen one advertised as resistant. The standard way to deal with powdery mildew around here (I'm in Sonoma County) is to plant in full sun and try to allow for enough air circulation around the plants. You might try rejuvenation pruning them in spring. I've never had PM on my Nandina, but some of my roses, especially the Banksia, get it some years. We have enough breeze here that i think that helps to keep it in check.

Good luck!


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Rejuvenation pruning has given me a temporary reprieve, but before the season is over I'm back to powdery mildew. I've split off some baby plants and will test them out in my most sunny spot with greatest air circulation. But as I've been looking around other yards in my town (near Berkeley), every single nandina that I see is crusted with powdery mildew, even ones that are totally out in the open for sun and air. I think Nandina just may be fundamentally incompatible with where I live. :-(

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