Moving Pond Fish in Winter

buzzyng(z8 WA)October 12, 2013

Hello All,
I originally posted this as a reply so I'm re-posting here.
We are in the process of building a new home ourselves and, with every do-it-yourself project, it's going slower than planned. We have a large pond in our current home with a few koi and several goldfish. We plan on putting in another large pond at the new place but the house itself won't be finished for a few months and the pond may not be completed for several months after that. We will have an unfinished basement so my plan is to get one of those big tubs for the fish and let them stay indoors until the pond is done. Here are my questions:
1) Can pond fish be moved in cold weather? I know they sort of go dormant when it gets cold and I don't want to harm them.
2) Where is the best place to purchase a reasonably priced temporary storage tub and accessories?
3) Any ideas for set-up?
Thanks in advance for your help!

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There are people here (Catherine I think is one and Gary is another) who use the stock tanks. Tractor supply is one place to buy them.

I would try to duplicate, as close as possible, the filtration and aeration system you now have.

As long as the temperatures are the same (and maybe even as much of the same water as possible) I would think the transfer would go okay.

Good luck!!

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I bought my stock tanks off of craigslist for a fraction of the new price and they work great

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rapidwiz(Zone 5)

I would not move koi once the temperature dips below 55 degrees, you risk stressing them out. It should be done before preferably. My 2c

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