Rose newbie looking for a great climber!

bosewichte(7a/8b)March 17, 2013

I'm so, so excited to be getting started with roses. I didn't want to plant them at my last house because I knew I wouldn't be living there long, but two years turned into four years...and then it took our house a while to sell...

Now, I'm finally settled in South Carolina, the upstate area (zone 7a/8b). I am ready to start planting climbing roses!

* West-facing wall
* Partial shade
* Clay soil (that I will amend before planting!)
* Looking for pink, pale yellow, or any color that you think might look good against brick with white trim, next to white azaleas
* Would love a STRONG fragrance, if possible!
* Climb Height - 8 - 12 feet
* Prefer an "easier" rose for a rose newbie
* A rose with canes that are 'easier' to train

I would love any suggestions. If there wasn't so much "white" already (carport sided with white trellis right next to brick wall, what trim on bank of windows over the brick wall, etc.) I would go for Iceberg...have heard good things about it.

Also...advice for what nursery to order from?


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Check out David Austin's The Pilgrim (a white/yellow blend) or Teasing Georgia (stronger yellow/touch of apricot). They both get good ratings and should look good on brick.

You can order them from David Austin (bareroot and grafted) or potted from Roses Unlimited or from Chamblees (I think--not sure on that one)--probably ownroot from those two places. A number of other places would sell them also.

I also just recently saw Lady Ashe sold at Chamblees--I think she is wonderful (pinkish) and the description is great--fragrant and disease-resistant, just the height you want. If I had an open spot, I would order it immediately!

Hope that helps.


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I'll check them out...thank you so much!

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I'll check them out...thank you so much!

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alameda/zone 8

My favorite climbing rose [also could be favorite rose] is Crepuscule, a noisette. It blooms all the time, peach sherbert color, easy to train, pliable canes, few thorns. A wonderful rose! A fabulous red climber is Dublin Bay. Love this one! Another favorite I had, painters killed it by spraying it and I plan to replace this spring is the dark pink Parade. I am trying Pink Don Juan this year, have seen it in full bloom and it is gorgeous. I have Lady Ashe/Dixieland Linda. It is a strong,healthy bush, stiff canes, blooms well and hardly any disease. The color leaves me a bit flat......but as I love all roses.....its a good one. I live 2 hours from Chamblees and go there as much as I can. Their roses are so healthy and they grow varieties that are good in any garden. Great place to buy from! They have all the above roses but Parade - Antique Rose Emporium carries that. Oh, and for a pink, Aloha is excellent. It is more of a tall shrub for me, canes dont trail. Blooms all the time. Royal Sunset is a gorgeous apricot. I am no expert, but I would just pick a color you like, plant the rose in a good hole with excellent soil and grow it well. Just dont buy Cl. Queen Elizabeth! Monster rose and never blooms, from what I have heard. Good luck!

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Remember climbers always bloom better spread out and not just going straight up. You can zigzag them across a trellis or arch them over something or splay them out on a wall or tie down on a fence. I never got the full value of my climbers until I started doing these things.

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cjrosaphile(z8 Pacific NW)

Climbers are a favorite of mine and I have several. One of the most vigorous and easy climbers is Fourth of July. It was the first rose that I ever had, so I know that it is great for beginners. It is a bit garrish tho for some and is lightly fragrant.

Climbing Bonica has been very good for us, blooms constantly. And we have Lavendar Lassie, which is pink, and has a great fragrance. Love this rose. We also have Eden which is gorgeous and vigorous and Dublin Bay, a gorgeous bright red.It takes time for these to establish. Lavendar Lassie is the only one of these which is fragrant.

I really wouldn't recommend an Austin for a beginner. I do have Crown Princess Margaretta. Love, love, love this rose, but most Austin's don't bloom as often as other roses IME (in my experience) and have disease issues.

I SPed Joseph's Coat, and Westerland. Just didn't do well for me. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for all the great tips! I was at Walmart today and was *almost* swayed by their $4.50 climbing roses but I'm determined to do my research first! :)

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Roses Unlimited in Laurens, S.C. is a must for you. They carry a BUNCH of climbers that do great in you're area. They have a great web site. Have fun :)

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I second Roses Unlimited in Laurens SC.

I live about an hour a way so even if you are a couple of hours away, it is worth it.

When I was creating a parterre rose garden two years ago,I attended RU's spring open house and purchased all of my roses there.

They grow own root.

Their open house should be some time in April.

As for a climber, one of my favorites is Abraham Darby. For me, it is an apricot rose and has very few thorns.

Hope this helps.

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