To Medicate or salt going into winter?

tizzylizzylooOctober 24, 2010

Im perplexed if I should medicate with Tetra ponds fish treatment or just salt like I always do going into my PA winter.

Reason being, I had lost a koi this midspring, not sure by what, he had sunken in eyes, I medicated the whole pond with this treatment and he didnt survive anyway, I think he was too far gone by the time I noticed what was wrong.

Anyway, all the other fish survived, dont seem to show any problem of disease going into winter, but was wondering if anyone pretreats their fish with meds as a precaution, or do you just salt like Ive been doing over the past 10 years?

Im worried because of the formaldehyde in the product, and a company who sells it says its not good for invertebrates, which all my 10 wonderful frogs might be in the bottom of my pond right now and I dont want to hurt them either...

I so dont know what to do and hope I can get some opinions from meds or meds...or just keep salt...dont want to lose anymore fish...Ive lost at least one fish every spring for the last 4 years...




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ccoombs1(7B SC)

frogs are not invertebrates...they are amphibians. Do not salt the pond for the winter. Frogs and koi are not salt water animals and the levels of salt you will be using is not beneficial to keep parasites or bacteria levels down. It serves no purpose at all. Salt should be used as a medication only, and not routinely.

and don't medicate unless you know what you are medicating for. You lost a fish, but that does not mean that you have a parasite problem. Treating with anti-parasite medications is not good for fish and really should only be done if you KNOW you have a problem.

the best thing you can do for your fish is make sure the pond is as clean as possible going into winter, with no decaying material in the bottom. Decaying material makes water quality decrease and provides a breeding ground for bacteria. Fish are at their weakest in the spring so pond conditions need to be at the best during that time.

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