please tell me about Indigofera kirilowii

christinmk z5b eastern WAJune 28, 2010

Hoping someone here could provide some extra info on this shrub- I have quite a few questions about it!

First of all, how do you like it? What is your overall opinion of it?

Is it a fast spreader? How much does it spread in a season once mature? Will it get taller than the 2-3ft online places say it will reach?

I fear this question is going to be silly but, are there different forms of Indogofera kirilowii? Looking at pictures online of it there seems two kinds- one whos flower clusters are small and blunt and another that seems to have tapered clusters rater resembling wisteria. Maybe the pictures were just taken at different times of bloom? If there is more than one form where may I find the one that is tapered?

Thank you very much for any info!


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laceyvail(6A, WV)

I think the Indigofera I have is I. kirilowii. It gets about 4 feet tall, spreads very slowly, though the footprint is a little larger each year. It's in flower now, and to me looks a lot like my Lespedeza 'Spring Grove' which flowers later in the season. Highly deer resistant, which most of my garden is. Sorry, don't know anything about different strains.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Thanks very much for the info laceyvail! What kind of situation do you have yours in? Does it tolerate dry-ish conditions or do best with some moisture?

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

It's pretty dry where I have it.

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

still have yours, c? not blooming now, right? Lespedeza(its lookalike) blooms now. Galega, another lookalike of white/blue, blooms early summer.

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