How to propagate Cestrum?

Sara Malone Zone 9bJune 8, 2014

Anyone propagated a Cestrum? Looks like softwood cuttings might work, or at least are worth a try, but I'd love any tips from anyone who's had success.


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gyr_falcon(Sunset 23 USDA 9)

Which Cestrum? I have propagated C. 'Newellii' easily by suckers. I also had a C. aurantiacum. (Orange Cestrum) that I may have also propagated--I'd have to look over my notes, if I have any on that one. It got so large, I eventually pulled it out.

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Sara Malone Zone 9b

The one I'm after is the cross between C. diurnum and C. nocturnum (guess they've got the 24-hour cycle covered!) called 'Orange Peel'. My friend has three shrubs and I can't find it available anywhere around here. It doesn't appear to be patented. It doesn't sucker and it's not frost tender and it flowers all summer long.

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I have an orange peel cestrum in my backyard, we are zone 6B Wichita, Kansas. It's in the northwest corner of our yard protected by a fence. I want to try and take a cutting from it, not sure how to do it. Do I wait till it gets colder, leaves are falling off? Do I wait till spring? Didn't know if I could take a cutting now and plant while the weather is still warm.

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