Oz, Down Under: Irish Rich Marbled?

sandandsun(9a FL)March 13, 2014


Can anyone in Australia (or nearer) tell us about Rosa spinosissima Irish Rich Marbled?

HMF link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rosa spinosissima Irish Rich Marbled

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Campanula UK Z8

mmm, it did only look as though it was available in Oz, didn't it? A paler Mary Queen of Scots. The only other pink spins I know are Falkland - taller than most of them at around 5feet, and Marbled Pink - dainty little thing for me- nothing like Irish Rich Marbled (which looks completely delicious)....on the whole, a lovely class of roses which look like a spiny and dead mound of dull branches until early April when they burst into gloriously ferny fresh leafage and flawless tiny blossom. In the UK, I would love to see these used more widely as a landscape rose (instead of the ubiquitous potentilla fruticosa or hypericums) as they grow in the poorest soil, tough as boots, requiring no attention, not even pruning.

There are a couple of delightful photos on HMF. I love these modest little Scots roses: so versatile -at home in a formal garden, woodland glade, desert sands, cottage, meadow or courtyard.

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suesette(vic Aust)

How strange that we have a rose others can't get. It's usually the other way around.
I have Irish Rich Marbled. It's a very fragile looking collection of thorny canes, probably only about two feet high and two feet wide. Most of the year you wouldn't really notice it but the spring flush is lovely. It's the sort of rose I imagine in English or Scots hedgerows, but it survives our hot summers and erratic rainfall with no particular care.


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Campanula UK Z8

Bierkreek, in the Netherlands has it (oh the tempting starts)!

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sandandsun(9a FL)

Thanks to both of you.

And laughing out loud!

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