boxwood problems

mmbuffnyJune 10, 2008

I am new to gardening and purchased 3 boxwoods---Buxus green mountain--- and placed acid loving plant food in the soil. It turned half of the tree yellow and killed the leaves. I later read that these olants like the soil slighty alkaline. I then placed lime in the soil and fertilized it. Did I kill these poor trees or can they be saved?

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Lime takes a while top react but hydrated is the fastest acting. Give it time. Just make certin you water.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

A photo would help us to know if they might recover. Boxwood grows so slowly, if you've lost a significant amount of foliage it could be some time before it's replaced. Without seeing them, I can only guess but I suspect your boxwoods were either suffering from transplant shock or fertilizer burn. I don't think you could have altered the soil ph enough with 'food' for acid loving plants to cause that much damage that quickly.

Boxwood are fairly adaptable to soil ph anyway, and often thrive in soil on the acidic side - I'm not sure where you would have read they prefer alkaline.

If you have soil with average fertility, your shrubs may not require fertilizer, or at least may not require it for several seasons.

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