Goldfish not interested in food...

annacaOctober 27, 2010


I had posted earlier about having a trillion mosquitofish.... I finally gave in and bought a few goldfish. So my question, is why are they thoroughly disinterested in the food pellets? The mosquitofish snap them up though :( ...

Also, how many goldfish can I put in, considering I already have a huge load of mosquitofish... And would rosy red minnows be good to add?

P.S. My pond 10 x 6, 18 inches deep...

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If the fish are new, they're probably still getting used to their new environment. Or it could be that the water temperatures are cooling down. I see you're in northern California. What are your water temps? I have koi, but they lose interest in food when the water drops into the low 50's.

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I am not sure of the water temperature, but feels really cold if you put your hand in... And I don't think it is the new environment that is the problem.... I had a few goldfish sometime back ... they were extremely active grew like mad in the 2 or so months I had them (13 cents feeder fish), but never did go for the food I put for them. I use Laguna fish food ( for Koi and Goldfish)... maybe that is not too popular among the goldies?

I live in San Ramon...

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They may not yet recognize it as food. Give them time they will eat it when they get hungry. Do not over feed them. And if you want them to eat the gambusa do not feed them at all.

yankee Dog

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sharon_9_fl(z9 FL)

How big are your goldies? If they are really small, the pellets may be too big for them. If they are big enough, they may be so stuffed with mosquito fish that dry food isn't interesting. There's plenty of food for goldfish in an established pond.

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Wow, so maybe they were the solution for the mosquito fish all along! I somehow haf the impression that they were vegetarian... They are of varying sizes, maximum 3 inches, I think. So how many do you think I can have in a pond that size? Can I put in some minnows? Or will end up being a pink version of the mosquito fish?

The funny thing is, I have this weird little fish swimming around. It is not a mosquito fish... Not sure if it is a goldfish, I definitely dont remember buying the little guy... Strangely enough, what it reminds me of is a tiny little dolphin, it is the exact same bluish charcoal color too...

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sharon_9_fl(z9 FL)

Why do you want to put in minnows? From what I've heard they reproduce rapidly. You already have an excess of little fish, and this may be too much for your pond to be healthy. Just wait and see what happens with the goldies you have now. If they get sick, die, or just do poorly, your pond is already overpopulated. If they thrive and get fat they will eventually bring your mosquito fish population under control.

Your pond is big enough to handle quite a few goldfish if you have good filtration and if goldfish are all you have in the pond. It really isn't possible to determine how many you can have with a large population of another kind of fish in there too.

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Thats what I thought too Sharon, fish are fish after all.... So I do have to take into account the number of mosquito fish into the overall number the pond can handle. Like you said I guess I will wait and see...

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