watercress root mat

koijoyii(NE Ohio)October 24, 2010

I tried to take the rest of the watercress out of the pond today and found a mat of roots. I didn't know the roots would be so thick. No wonder the frogs love it. As a matter of fact I had to stop when my frogs were looking at me with their sad little eyes wondering why I was destroying their habitat. Guess I'll just have to wait till they go into hibernation. I may need a machete by then. The watercress wasn't planted in anything I just threw it into the shallow area of the pond. Wonder what the watercress growing down my waterfall is going to be like to remove. Here are some pics.


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Awww....those sad little eyes. They would be grateful if they knew a lot of that would rot over the winter and make their home a mess. My watercress died back in August and is very low and detaches easy. Looks like you were a busy gal today. Probally sleeping good tonight after all that work.

I worked on the pond islands on Saturday and they are mostly squared away. The pond looks so much barer now. Fish are still eating and the pond is pretty clean because the dry weather has kept the leaves on the pond netting from decaying and falling into the pond. I was able to remove most of them off the netting twice this season. I ordered a new pump for the skimmer for winter. We have been blessed with a warm fall. I have been feeding the fish at dark before work and they eat the food. It is cool to see flashes of color in the dark as they come when I call them, and I can just make out their shapes eating the food. Really get a kick out of that. Your pond pics are really great. Loved the Pennywort pics.

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sheepco(MN z4)

Jenny, what DID you put in the water this year!

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