Great Pond Netting

lacledemgOctober 18, 2010

We enlarged our koi/goldfish pond this summer so the old net wasn't big enough for the expanded pond and waterfall. We just netted our pond today and I thought I would let everyone know where we got the net as it was certainly worth the money. We purchased the Dalen Pond Netting sold by We needed the large size 28-Feet by 28-Feet with 3/8-Inch Mesh. The price was very reasonable at only $30.24 - and qualified for free shipping. I think it will be substantial enough for more than just this year.

We used the suggestion of someone on the forum to pound re-bar into the ground then top the re-bar with a tennis ball. We secured the netting to the re-bar just below the tennis ball with a zip tie. We put rocks along the bottom to keep the leaves from blowing under the net. This size was perfect for our 2000 gallon pond and waterfall.

Now we're ready for all those leaves! Good luck with all your ponds this fall and winter!

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Great idea and thanks for sharing. :)

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I found a great link to find pond netting at amozon. Check it out. That is a great idea I always end up netting out the leaves. And I finally got a net.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fall Pond Supplies- Netting

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Yes, that is the one I purchased. I tried to leave the link to it but for some reason it wouldn't work for me. Thanks!

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