Wintering Black Magic Taro

kimbra8October 8, 2008

It is time to bring in my Black Magic Taro otherwise known as Aquatic Elephant Ear and have never had one before.. Anyone able to help with suggestions?

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horton(6 b Ontario.)

kimbra8, below are a few ways I have done it with success.

Taro [Elephant Ears] There are a few ways you can winter over all types of Taro plants/ tubers.

Method 1. Remove the tuber from the soil, cut off all the stalks to about an inch above the crown of the tuber.
Wash the tuber off with clean water from the hose, place it in a sunny spot and let it dry for a few days.
After it is dry, wrap the tuber up loosely, in layers of newspaper or place in dry wood shavings or dry peat moss.
Store wrapped up tubers in a box or basket, in a frost free, but cool area over the winter. Check them monthly for rot.
Next April/May, pot the tubers up again in garden soil and place the pots in a warm room, keeping the soil moist [not soaking] until the new growth appears. Then move to a sunny location and step up the watering a bit. You can also give them some liquid fertilizer at this point.
Plant out in the pond/garden, when the chance of frost is over in your area.

Method 2. Leave plants in their pots. [* or re-pot in new soil]
Place plant, still in the pot, into a larger watertight container that you can top up with water at various times over winter.
The plants must be grown under lights or in a sunny location, if you choose this method.
Water frequently all winter.
They may grow quite straggly if the light is poor, but they will be okay in the spring when they are outside again.
Separate and re-pot tubers/ plants, in the spring, April/May, if required, before putting outside, after frost is gone.

Method 3. *Remove the plant pot[s] from the pond. Place potted plants in sheltered area.
Let the plant soil dry out completely, then cut off all stalks to an inch or so above the crown.
Place the plant pot[s] in a dark, cool, frost free area, such as a basement, over the winter.
If you plan to keep them in an unheated garage or shed, protect the potted plants with shredded paper or wood shavings packed around them. Check them monthly for rot.
April/May, bring the plant pot[s] out into a warm area and water thoroughly.

*Take into account that if you bring a potted plant inside from the pond with it's original soil, you are libel to bring in insects or their eggs also.

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jan2(z5 Illinois)

Just bring the whole plant and pot inside, put it in a container and fill with water. Keep it in a sunny window or in a basement under flourescent lighting. I have overwintered taro this way for years. Same with bog lily (my plant is over 15 years old).


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