Does anyone have a Dripworks system?

gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)March 31, 2012

I'm thinking about getting a Dripworks irrigation system. Anyone have one and how do you like it? How does it compare cost-wise to other systems?


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seil zone 6b MI

I don't have an irrigation system but I know there are lots of people here who do. I don't know why someone hasn't chimed in here. I have heard that the Dripworks system is a good one though.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Yes, I have a Dripworks system. It is in the main rose bed, and it is definitely a time saver. I connect it to the hose with a quick-connect, turn on the water, go do something else while the roses get watered. For the larger plants, I use two emitters. I haven't had emitters clog, but I have accidentally clipped tubing, which is easy to fix. I don't know how to compare it with anything else, except in a pinch, I can go to a local hardware store for 1/4" tubing and extra emitters (different brand). I forget if there is much of a difference. I received what was then called the Glorious Rose Kit as a Christmas present 10 years ago, and I have filled in with parts over the years. Definitely worth any cost in time savings for me.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

I put in a drip system in several beds quite a few years back from parts purchased from a local garden center, which now no longer carries it. So I ordered the Dripworks catalog and began studying it. In the meantime someone told me that Lowes was carrying a new line, Mister Landscaper, which is made in USA.

I'm sure Dripworks products are great, but I prefered buying locally so I could run over and get more parts as needed plus it's easy take back what I didn't use.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mister Landscaper site ...

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stlgal(south z5)

I also use the version carried by Lowes, which includes 1/4" tubing, adjustable or fixed rate drippers, T and straight connectors etc. Very easy to add plants and I have everything in the yard connected to a couple of timers, which makes adjusting the watering schedule to the weather a breeze.

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I have one. I bought the Rose kit several years ago and once I had it going I bought a bunch more parts so I could expand it. Then every year since we've had plenty of rain and I haven't needed it. So now it's got a lot of holes in it from where it's been chewed on my various animals and the emitters aren't in the right places anymore and I mostly ignore it since I haven't needed it and it would be a lot of work to fix it. And I'd need to expand it more because I've added a whole garden since then.

I'd still recommend it if you find you have to water a lot during the summer. The problems I have with it are all fixable if you keep on top of it and keep some repair parts handy. The nice thing about ordering the kit was that I could see exactly what I would need and where everything belonged which is harder to do if you order it piecemeal.

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Main original came from Walmart and it was a lifesaver. My garden had gotten so big that I could no longer water my garden in a day. Walmart stop carry the system and parts several years ago so now I use the Lowes version which is a lot better. Like stlgal, I prefer the fixed rate drippers for most of my shrubs and plants. For the lily bed, I use drip stakes. For the roses I use individual soaker hoses connected to a main line tube. I'm thinking about putting another rose but having trouble finding bulk soaker hoses anywhere.

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wanttogarden(USDA 9b, Sunset 15, N. Calif.)

I do, sort of.

I was looking to put drip system in for few years since it took me more than an hour to water the yards most of the days and I killed so many plants because I was not able to get the watering done when it was needed. I had done extensive research on different packages.

One day I came about a plumbing supply store that does free irrigation design. I went over my design which was battery operated timer on hose bibs and extended rose kits from Dripworks. He showed me that instead, I could hook up all three sprinkler stations that water the ever shrinking lawn to one and use the other two valves for drip systems to water shrubs and annuals.

I bought all my components from him since he carried the same as Dripworks. I also changed my sprinkler valves and electrical timer and got myself a very decent professional system for less than what the professional charge to install.

The difference between what Lowes sell, RainBird, and what DripWork Sells is in the size of the 1/2" tubing. The OD of first one is .6" the other one is .7" thus the connectors are not inter-changeable. I don't think Lowes carries the shrubbler heads either. 1/4" tubing is the same. The advantage of using Shrubbler heads is that they can easily be cleaned. Other components like timers MAY be a bit more expensive but quality is FAR better.

I really love and use my system ALL the time. Let me know if I can answere more questions.

FJ in San Jose California

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