What to do about frost damage?

justkristy(8TX)March 9, 2014

Do to an unusually heavy and late frost, I find that the new spring growth on most of my roses is soggy and brown, and hanging limply from the canes. Should I prune this off, or just leave it to fall off on it's own. Should I prune again, a little harder? Truth be told I did not prune as hard this year and could afford to cut back another 6 inches or so. the canes still appear green. Would this encourage more new growth? Makes me sad to look at all that lost new growth. Any advice appreciated.

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Same here. But I plan to wait at least a couple a weeks past last projected frost date (Mar. 30 for us) before cutting nipped canes or leaves.

I just can't tell yet what is completely dead, plus I don't want to encourage anymore soft growth in such a rough, tricky winter.

Most bad looking stuff is confined to a few canes on a few teas, but several are black.

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RVR recommends cutting off any black tips down to the green. Other wise the black will travel down the cain until it is all black and dead.

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seil zone 6b MI

I know RVR says to do this, and they are correct, however, if you are uncertain as to whether or not you will get more frosts I would wait to do any more pruning. As Bluegirl said, it will only encourage more new growth that could get frozen off again. If you keep that up the plant will expend all of it's reserves and die. If you are sure you are past your last possible freeze then go ahead and take off anything that is black or damaged in anyway.

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Thanks guys, I don't think we are going to get anymore frosts...but you know, I said that 2 weeks ago too. I will wait a few and then prune to be safe.

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I have the same problem for the newly planted bareroot roses. They are covered in mulch but still some of the canes turned brown about the last frost.
I am a beginner in rose gardening, so please pardon me if this question seems silly. Is all the brown cane dead? Should I prune them off? They are not black yet.

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