Crystal Lake geranium - rubbish?

Campanula UK Z8February 13, 2014

I bought this to sit with a lilac hulthemia rose (Eyes for You) and Lambrooke Mauve polemonium. Now wondering if it might look a bit pallid. I could plant it with Red Admiral (one of those with psilostemon in the lineage) or next to a pink integrifolia celematis (Pamgbourne Pink). Have also heard it can be a bit......ratty?
Can you comment on its floriferousness and bloom times. I have been very mean with buying new plants this year so feel inclined to get the best value from the meagre few I have coming.

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

Keep in mind that your climate is much more pleasant than mine, but 'Crystal Lake' is one of the few geraniums I have been unhappy with. It is a very slow, weak grower and seems to sulk in "heat" (here defined as anything other than idyllic springtime temperatures). Blooms are tiny, about one-third the size of 'Rozanne'. For me, it starts flowering late August-early September and never seems to have more than one flower open at a time. Not exactly a high impact plant, lol!

I bought 'Crystal Lake' for its color, but I should have spent my money on more Geranium himalayense 'Derrick Cook' instead. This one is more of a groundcover/border geranium rather than a scrambler/weaver, but the color is almost the same as 'Crystal Lake' in flowers about 5x larger. The plants are vigorous and it flowers heavily from late May through July here. If it were available on this side of the pond, I would plant 'Lilac Ice' in a heartbeat. This is a tissue culture mutation of 'Rozanne' with pale silvery lilac blooms. 'Rozanne' might now be ubiquitous, but for me it is still one of the most perfect and vigorous and floriferous and adaptable.

Let us know how 'Crystal Lake' does for you. My experiences could just be a fluke! :-)

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Campanula UK Z8

mmmmm Lilac Ice.....I have that one lined up too (to go underneath a fabulous hulthemia rose, Eyes for You) but the CL was a bargain on another order.

I think it was an earlier report of yours Isphahan, which prompted me to query this cultivar.

G.himalayense.....I have none of these (nor any G.maculatum either) but now I have more space........

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