Over wintering plants - another question please

copanoladyOctober 2, 2009

I just bought (4) nice plants I want to over winter, but not in my little 88 gal. pond because I have serious plant eating fish. Just 4 Walmart goldfish that grew to be about 4-5" long and eat ANYTHING green. I've wasted money all summer long over and over until I finally give up - they eat parrots feather, water clover, mosiac plant ($$$), everything.

So, I put the new plants in a ceramic lotus pot with a mosquito dunk but my question is: Do I need to add a small pump to circulate the water or is that not necessary? It is located in a sheltered, protected area with some tropical pot plants which survive unless we get too cold but even then they're only slightly damaged, not killed, so I think the location is O.K. but I would appreciate an answer about the pump. The plants are parrot feather, 4 leaf clover (again) & a couple of water lettuce and hyacinth. Thanks.

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

I can't answer your question, but you may be able to answer mine....your "water clover" looks like 4 leaf clovers and sends out threads all over the pond in the summer with clovers? I have been wondering what it is called and how to overwinter it here in MI. Thanks for the name (I think).

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waterbug_guy(Phoenix AZ (Melrose))

The 4 leaf clover is probably Pennywort, Hydrocotyles. Lots of species. It will grow in damp soil so I would gather some up and plant like a house plant and keep in doors. Since you probably have a lot you could try lots of different methods. Wet soil, damp, standing water, etc... But I'm just guessing, I've only had to keep it in zone 9. Mine did have a tough time in 40F and lower. But even with the leaves dying back the roots in some did survive. If I guessed the name correctly a search for more info will be easier. I only

There is no plant that I am aware of that requires, or even likes, moving water. So I would not use a pump. Just one more thing to go wrong.

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Sorry I didn't respond sooner - some family problems came up and .....

You're right waterbug guy about it being Pennywort, I believe. What zone is Phoenix in? I'm in zone 8 and my small pond is a corner pond which is surrounded by 6 or 7' walls, so pretty protected & I'm really considering keeping some water lettuce and hyacinth in the corner pond which will have a small pump circulating the water for the fish (so far so good, they don't seem to like either.)

So if the plants and fish like or even need the circulating water, why would plants I'm over wintering in the lotus pot not need moving water? Could you please clarify? I just don't want the lotus pot to get stagnant all winter????? Could I just forget the container and put them all in the pond? If the fish stop eating in cold weather will they not eat the plants? I'd like to NOT use a separate container anyway because protected space in my little courtyard is limited and I have lots of tropical plants to protect. Thanks so much, any help would be appreciated.

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horton(6 b Ontario.)

Water Clover is not Pennywort [Hydrocotyles] that is a different plant altogether.
Check the link below for a description and photograph of Water Clover [Marsilea Mutica].

Here is a link that might be useful: Water Clover.

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Thanks Horton,

Yes, Water Clover is what I have - can you answer the other questions I have? Thanks.

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horton(6 b Ontario.)

Sanantoniorose, Not being an expert on plant care in Texas [or anywhere else for that matter]. I'm only guessing that since you are in Zone 8 and your garden is protected, all the plants listed should be okay growing in your lotus pot.
A little liquid fertilizer once a month should give them enough food.
Good idea with the mosquito dunks.
You may want to change out the water every so often as it could become stagnant and start to smell.
Good luck with your plants.

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horton(6 b Ontario.)

I forgot to mention that I don't think you would have to have the water moving for any of the plants you have.

You maybe interested to know that.....
One plant that definitely does thrive in moving water is true Watercress [Nasturtium officinale], try it planted into the rocks at a waterfall, it grows like wildfire as is sucks up the nutrients from the running water.

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horton(6 b Ontario.)

Sanantoniorose, not that it effects your set, up but here is some additional information that popped out this morning from the Internet, about other plants that like and grow well in moving water.

Quote: ..."Certain submerged plants grow well in moving water, such as the pockets in streams and under waterfalls. Others require still, placid water to grow. Vallisneria, Ranunculus, Sagittaria, and Potamogeton all do well in slowly to moderately moving water. They look great in pond narrows were the water will flow and give the plants direction, adding to the effect of the moving water. . . .
Those that perform well in greater wind and wave movement are also suitable near fountains and the mouths of waterfalls. One of my favorite places to plant Vallisneria americana ÂGiant is in a deep stream or near the edge of a waterfall where its long strap-like leaves can undulate in the moving water. Dwarf Sagittaria (Sagittaria subulata) is great in 4-12 inches of wavy water where it forms an aquatic sod." end quote. From Speichert, S., Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants, p 343 Timber Press, 2004.
End of quote.

The terrestrial plant, Impatiens [Lat] or Impatient[Eng] [Balsam Family +], if planted bare root in running water, in a stream or waterfall, will out do Impatiens/Impatient planted in soil in the garden, for size and blooms.

I thought that this maybe of interest to you and others [then again maybe not!]

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Great info Horton, I don't have running or deep water but sounds neat, I wish I did have a larger pond but as I said it's a small 88-90 gal with high courtyard walls. The lotus pot is in a different protected location too. What I really find interesting is the info about Impatiens. I'm definitely going to make use of that information next spring - bare root no less! I tried to get watercress but couldn't find any this year. This is a pic of the little pond taken last year right after it was finished so there aren't any plants or fish yet. Thanks.

I hadn't thought of giving the lotus pot plants any fertilizer - small amt - good idea. I think I'll put all the water lettuce (I love the look of that plant) in with the others in the lotus pot. The fish aren't bothering the water hyacinth so I'll leave it there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Corner pond

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I have about a dozen ponds/container ponds with no pumps that are full of plants. I don't do anything special with them in winter. I do cut back anything that is dead or dying and that is it. I don't drain the containers for winter. They stay where they are around the garden.

I only have pumps in two ponds with waterfalls. I only have fish in the biggest pond that has a pump.

Tropical plants are kept in my greenhouse year 'round, hardy plants are kept outside year 'round.

I do heat the greenhouse pond with an aquarium heater and the greenhouse itself with an electric space heater.

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