Answer for Japanese Beetles

ryseryse_2004February 11, 2013

I try everything every year and last year found the answer: 'Bug Stop' by Spectricide. I had it on hand to kill a huge invasion of Asian Lady Beetles that were coming into the house and decided to try it on the Rose of Sharon and the Perennial Hibiscus (which the J. beetles absolutely love). It got rid of them for the rest of the summer!

I also have a Paw Paw tree that they decimate each summer and it worked on that too.

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It doesn't appear that this product is rated for use on plants of any kind.

I wouldn't use it for unintended purposes. Possible consequences could include foliar damage and drift onto food crops.

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Well eric, I wouldn't use any pesticide around food plants but this didn't hurt any plants in and around the ones I sprayed and it sure did kill those little nasties.

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This product sounds like a synthetic pyrethrin derivative and not especially toxic - but among the things we don't know are how/when it breaks down and potential effects on beneficial insects like bees and some soil organisms. Pyrethrins are quite toxic to bees, and using a product that apparently has a very long duration of activity only exacerbates the problem.

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