More new Delosperma

rouge21_gw(5)February 12, 2013

Last season the talk of the town at the start of the season was the Delosperma "Fire Spinner". (But as I recall no one saw many blooms that first year).
I notice that its description says it blooms from late spring to early summer.

But this season I see several new varieties of Delosperma:


- Jewel of the Desert Peridott
- Jewel of the Desert Ruby
- Jewel of the Desert Topaz

But these are described as blooming from spring till frost. And they are also quite low lying much like "Fire Spinner". If these press clippings are correct these new Delosperma seem to good to be true i.e. a ground cover which bloom all season.

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I tried several of that series. They do bloom well, but they aren't as easy to grow. They don't like the hot summer weather. They don't spread as much either. I wouldn't call them a ground cover at all. They grow more in a small clump. They are working on another series that is supposed to spread more. Delosperma cooperi is better than all of them in my opinion. I can root it easily, but I even had trouble rooting those new ones. Fire Spinner is easy to propagate but I didn't get a single bloom from it. They tell me it will bloom the second year, but I was very disappointed in it last year. If they could produce a cooperi in different colors that grows like cooperi, that would make me very happy!

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Good to see you post echinaceamaniac

Your wrote: Fire Spinner...I didn't get a single bloom from it.

That was my experience as well. At least mine spread significantly last summer and *if* they make it through this tricky winter they better show me lots of flowers or I will replace them.

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Fire Spinner does have nice foliage even when not in flower. Mine is very thick and stayed green through the winter. Maybe it will cross with the others and I can save seeds.

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