air pump / what to get?

rferg800November 3, 2013

Hi all. I am finally going to put this pond in. So I'm buying up all the parts and pieces this winter to install in the spring. next up on my research list is air pumps. I will have two bottom drains. One at about 6 feet deep. The other only about 2 feet deep. koitoiliet with air is the type I have to put in. What is the best high volume air pump recommended?

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I just put a pond in with two bottom drains, both are at 4 feet. I must admit I have not had this pump long. However, this was the pump of choice of my pond installer. I have a Hakko 80L pump. I have the pump installed in the basement of my house. The air line goes 200 feet underground to the pond. So far no issues. The pond is not heated at this time. One of the main reasons we put the air pump in the basement, is to help with pond heating. During the winter it will only be the pump that is going. So warm air will be pumped to the pond. Since it is in my basement, another issue was noise. After installed it is pretty quiet, hope this helps.


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Thanks Craig
I will check that one out.


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