Wallingford, KY anyone?

ryseryse_2004February 15, 2014

We are looking to move at the very very autumn of our lives and wonder if anyone knows anything about this area?

Growing things is of utmost importance to me so that is what I need to know about.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

well ... i gave it a few days ...

wallingford doesnt appear to be the hub of the universe... lol ...

track down the county extension office.. and give them a call ...

they ought to at least give you some ideas as to soil types... plant culture.. growing seasons... etc ... and any local clubs that might help ....

you might also try a post.. with the biggest near city name ... you might draw in folks close by.. who dont recognize this town name ... e.g. even a club in lexington or flemingsburg will do .... yeah.. i googled the map ... like you should ...

also... if there are any local plant sellers.. talk to them about local clubs ... they ought to know their customers ....

good luck with the move...


ps: its been a dream of mine to visit the rolling hills of KY horse country for decades [which in my head is defined by lexington ... on some level.. i am jealous ...

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Thanks Ken -- just in the very beginning stages here.

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Wallingford is a little town in between Lexington and Covington, (which is right across the river from Cincy). You will have 4 seasons. Short winters (dec-Feb) usually. Longer summers (May-October). The soil is clay like. However, so much of that part of the state is developments that were built from farm land you may get lucky. Depending on where you plan on living. I live in the central to west part of the state but it's a small state... If I can help you with further information please let me know.

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Based on that location, Wallingford should be a "four-season" climate, but wintry conditions could still be expected through March (for example, last night's low in Lexington was in the teens, and their forecast for Sunday night calls for rain/snow with a low near 25).

Having lived in Lexington, I can tell you it's a fine place to garden with an ample growing season. Check in with your neighbors to get advice about local conditions.

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Would love to have any and all visit the beautiful state of KY. I am in Louisville and the gardening is might fine! Four seasons,high humidity,lots of sunshine and adequate moisture.I am not familiar withWallingford, but I am sure it is a friendly place to live. Hope you decide on KY. lesley

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My husband has decided that KY isn't south enough so now we are concentrating on TN.

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