Bitron 15 UV steriliser failed.

alex812(Farnborough UK)November 29, 2012

Set up (bit old) Oase Biotec 5 with Bitron 15 UV steriliser. Pump Oase Aquamax 5500. Head to filter about 1 metre. Served me well for many years but when I came to my annual UV tube change I found the tube would not light. It looks like the control gear has given up. Unfortunately spares for this component are no longer available which is a bit annoying because I only renewed the quartz tube last year. C'est la vie.

So, given that I don't want to replace the entire system, my choice is between (a) trying to find a control unit that would let me control the tube in the existing Bitron 15 (i.e. bringing the end cap leads out to an external unit) or (b) sticking a new UV steriliser in the hose leading to the Biotec 5 via the now defunct Bitron 15. I am thinking of this one

I am tending to solution (b) since (a) has more potential for going wrong plus I would have to make a weatherproof box to hold the control gear.

Any advice/comments would be welcome


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alex812(Farnborough UK)

Just a follow-up to my original post. May be useful to anyone else with the same problem.

Gave up on Bitron 15 spares and instead purchased a CUV-224. I expected that I would have to cut into the hose from pump to filter to fit it. To my surprise I found that the CUV-224 was exactly the same size and outlet spacing as the Bitron 15 and was thus able to fit it to my Biotec 5 filter box as a direct replacement unit.

No forward planning but just luck. But it sure saved a lot of messing about though.


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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

I feel bad that you haven't gotten any responses and thought I would explain.

We do have a number of folks from the UK and elsewhere but a problem creeps in when it comes to products sold in different countries. They often don't have the same names even when the product is the same. It happens even when it is the same manufacturer. Part of the problem is the electric system is not the same in every country. A product made to be used in the UK will not often be usable in the USA. Another problem is the legal restrictions and requirements for different products.Even chemicals are called different names.

I looked up your UV and found sites from the UK, Germany, France and Australia, nothing from the USA or Canada. Maybe the company that makes your UV sells a similar product here but it isn't likely to have the same name or specs.

So I apologize for no responses and can only suggest you look for the Gardenweb/UK website. They seem to be a nice bunch even if I sometimes have a problem understanding what they say. Heck, being from the southern US, I can't always understand a New Yorker or a Californian, let alone a Canadian.

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