Tamarix...wishing to transplant...thinking fall my best option

cadillactasteJuly 15, 2014

Hanging head...last year I was told to relocate the Tamarix that I had moved away from a walnut tree. Thinking it was only the walnut that had kept it stunted...I thought to allow it to grow healthy in a further away location...that sadly had far to much shade.

This past winter was extremely harsh...my beautiful Tamarix that was doing so well had significant die back. I assumed this one struggling would be a goner. But...it showed significant growth before the one that had suffered die back. Now...the growth on it has slowed...and the one with the die back has bounced back and is much larger than the one that had first shown signs of life this spring.

That said...I am acknowledging that I was wrong in leaving it where it is currently planted. I would like to move it to the back of my handmade waterfall that gets full morning and slight afternoon sun. But, I am assuming it needs to be done come fall.

(This shrub is not considered an invasive plant to Ohio...though I am aware it is in other states)

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My brain knew the answer...nursery lady second it. Waiting for fall for a higher transplant success rate.

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