Planting Ideas between Bright and Tight Cherry Laurels

lynn_8989July 5, 2012

I got a great deal on three Bright and Tight Cherry Laurels and put them in a bed that is 8' wide and about 40' long to act as a background/ screen for my fence and neighbor's play sets. Ideas for interesting plants or shrubs for in between these guys? We get light morning shade but hot afternoon sun for about 4 hours. I have hydrangeas across the gravel path which are doing very well, but they have light morning sun and afternoon shade due to the house. This Cherry Laurel bed is right in the path of the sun as it comes over the house. We do have a sprinkler system in this area. Your suggestions would be appreciated because I'm stumped!

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This is the path I mentioned so you can see the whole area.

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Last year I looked for an evergreen that would add color to my front path to the entrance of my home, and I found Abelia kaleidoscope.
It is hardy down to zone 6.
It is evergreen and has sooo many differnet colors in it, but I planted it right by the 4 ft path coming to home.
It grew this spring really nice, and I easily shaped it down some to fit the spot.
It isn't a real fast grower, so it's easy to trim. I have trimmed it down to about 18 inches mabey.
Anyway, it blooms in the summer time and turns gold if it is in full sun in afternoon.
I just wanted something different and colorful, and in winter it is a real light green, pretty.
Look for it at big box stores.
Check out online too.
And besides that, there are always good old Gerber Daisies, one of my favorite flowers.

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Is the fence yours? If so, the mesh on the fence is just calling out for clematis (I know that's not a shrub recommendation.) There are a bunch of the newer varieties that stay relatively short, under 6 feet, and though I am not sure where you are, I have read that in the SE part of the US, planting type 3 prune (later flowering) varieties is best, including all of the viticella clematis hybrids. Certainly viticellas are some of the easiest to grow anywhere in the US. If you wanted a few taller clematis, you could fasten a taller trellis to the fence posts.

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