3' shrub for this area...

cadillactasteJuly 2, 2014

Since this is at the main side entrance to our home. My husband doesn't wish for something flanking the right of the yellow junk art flower to be anything but a shrub that will have structure and not a bare area in our hardscape as the left side is when the Hibiscus Rose Mallow hasn't show up yet.

Space 6' deep by 4'wide basically. Something later in bloom possibly since I have a snow fountain weeping cherry down from that area in the same bed. As well as a SEM False Spirea and an American Wisteria tree trained. But since the cherry is an early bloomer...if it's something that blooms...maybe something later on in the season. For additional color there.

The reason for 3' tall is so it doesn't block our house number on the oar. I would be okay with I think...even a shrub that didn't bloom if it had a pretty variegated leaf. I also would hope to have it eventually cover part of the rock that is also there in time.

Contemplated a Euonymus variety...having the variegated yellow leaf to go along with the yellow metal flower. But wasn't sure I might be over looking something that would work better for us that I don't know about.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

is that a snow load area??? .. do they low the street/driveway ???

frankly.. no shrub ever stops growing.. you eaither need one that can be cut to the ground once a year ...

or a perennial that can also be cut down

is that a sidewalk behind.. or a water course

what about a clem for the pole ... or an annual vine ... you can use bird netting or twine to get such up .. with the understanding that some lineman may come along and tear it down.. if he has to ...

seems like you could grow some nice daylily in the rock.. a near bulletproof plant .. and you couldnt kill if you tried ...


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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

You could also move the oar and open up an almost unlimited amount of planting options.

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It is a plowed one lane lake road, thus why everything is not planted in middle of the bed but set back from it so it has room to grow but will not exceed the boundaries of the sidewalk. With plenty of room for a snow bank from the roads being plowed. We ended up taking our stone along the side of road after it was paved...which makes a cleaner look. We had to establish the flowerbed along the house..after they paved the roads. Instead of the roads washing out on a heavy rain...the ditch now no longer holds the rainwater and was eroding the edge of our yard into deep washed out areas.

Lived here 23 years...we have set the plants far enough back from the road to allow for snow plowed banks.

We just put the house number on the deck recently...since we are the only house on the road. We never really thought it necessary. But...the UPS and FedEX man was complaining. (I purchase most our Christmas stuff online) So the oar went up. Living at the lake...it find it an appropriate house number display. So I am not sure I am ready to move it.

I am fine with pruning...doesn't bother me in the least. I will contemplate the pole idea. Though...I was told not to plant anything on it. A vine isn't that expensive of a set back to lose if they would have to tear it down.

Once everything matures a bit more...so I see where the beds need filler...I plan on adding such things as perennial flowers...So the day lilies are a great suggestion. Thanks!

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Ken, I suggested planting a vine up the pole. My husband didn't go for the idea. He is a general contractor...our electric and phone line are on that pole. He plans on painting the service boxes a red color to match what is an accent color to our home. But...no vines of any kind.

Last thing he wants to do, is irritate anyone he has to later cross paths with when it comes to work. He also knows the head guy with the phone company. He would not do that to him...he said. Lol so I get the boxes painted and leaving it at that. That he attached the flag pole was as daring as he was going to go.

I did appreciate the suggestion...but, I do see my husbands point as well.

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