How to prune NineBark

bethhbJuly 13, 2011

Some of my Diablo and Summer wine nine barks are very tall but rather "thin". I have been reading that Ninebarks should be pruned which I didn't know, they are so lovely in there arching wildness. Yearly I do cut out anything dead or broken, but I haven't "shaped" them or cut out live branches.

My question is if I prune these thin shrubs will it increase their volume - number of stems coming from the base? If so, how do I prune? Do I prune the tips of the branches and make them shorter? Or cut out branches?

Please note - these shrubs are in a difficult site and I need to help them all that I can. Thanks for as detailed advice as possible.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

see link about rejuvenation pruning of flowering shrubs ...

good luck ....


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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how long have they been there? why are they "thin"? are they getting sun and nutrients?

My Diablo gets better and better each year. I've had it 10 years now and its great. I've never pruned to shape it. just dead stuff. In its early years, I was not overly impressed. Love it now.

It would help if we could see a picture.

a top dressing of compost might help too.

I personally would not cut back any existing stems partway. Yes, that may stimulate new growth, but it will change the growth habit. I guess it also depends if you want that arching look or a bushy look. A bushy look could be nice too, just preference I guess.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

my guess is.. with the older ones.. the other trees have shaded them ... over the decades.. and now.. a full sun shrub is reaching out for more light ...

and they may struggle.. even with full and proper renovation ... struggle in the sense of looking like a well grown specimen ... its not usual that they would die outright ... [unless the shade is from norway maples.. lol] .... its just that they may not perform to expectation ... and no fert is going to change improper sun ...

who knows.. as noted.. need pic


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