can I compost cooked egg yolk?

ajpa(z6 se PA)January 7, 2009

My kids will often ask for boiled eggs then leave a lot of the yolk on the plate.

Is it ok to throw that in with my kitchen scraps for the compost bin?

What other cooked food is ok to compost? Right now I just save the raw veggie & fruits scraps (minus seeds).

Sorry for asking so many questions, btw.

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val_s(z5 central IL)

I would. My family doesn't leave the yolks but I would compost them or most likely give them to the dog :-)

I compost the seeds from fruits and veggies too. So far nothings every sprouts. Actually, I compost almost everything from the kitchen waste department except for bones. I just don't have a big enough or get it hot enough compost to do that yet.


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ajpa(z6 se PA)

Cool! In it goes!

I guess if there was a way to grind up the bones they'd be prefect, huh?

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

I compost all food scraps, cooked or not...veggie or not...

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If you can feed it to your children, you can feed it to your compost. Really, you can.
Congratulations on taking composting up!

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"If you can feed it to your children, you can feed it to your compost. Really, you can."

Annpat--What if there are people who feed bread to their children?

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Anything that you could eat, whether you do or not(ie. egg yolks), can be composted. Along with that any thing that once grew can be composted, but you may want to be a bit careful since some things require careful handling when composting.

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I now compost almost any food. Offhand, the only exception that comes to mind is if I think there's too much oil collected from cooking. For years, I bought the whole don't-compost-meat-dairy-and-so-on thing. And in fact, the argument that it might attract animals made sense....until this summer, when we moved, I was gardening in a small, in-town yard, but there were skunks, raccoons, wandering cats around. I even had a hawk in my tiny yard, but that's another story.

So, yes, avoiding material that might attract animals made sense. Now, however, I'm out in the country, and of course there are animals. They're already here, there are foxes living down at the end of the compost pile isn't attracting much that's new to the area.

However, I do try to follow the advice given here by burying meats, poultry skins, bones, dairy products in the pile. Same with the wonderful shrimp peels, crab shells, and etc.

The point isn't that I care whether I have critters in the garden. The point is: those are MY shells and bones, for MY compost pile! :)

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I have a huge enough pile of horse manure to hide most food scraps.

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val_s(z5 central IL)

lynxe - I have always avoided composting meat, dairy etc. but have just recently been entertaining the thought of trying it. I'm going to build a new bin this summer though that I can enclose...all of a sudden my dog has taken an interest in it. It's those dang rotting pumpkins! Goofy dog.

I think though when I get the bin built that I want, I'm going to start composting a lot more things.


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I am new to GW, so I hope it's ok to just jump right in.?.

I thought it was dangerous to compost meat and dairy? I've been composting for several years, and have always been afraid to compost these things.

Doesn't meat and dairy hurt earth worms and such, or have I been misinformed?

Thanks so much

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I compost everything. (Well, of course like the rest of us, I don't compost anything that swells when it meets up with moisture (but otherwise, everything).)

I chuck my dog's old bones into my pile when I come upon them. I think that needs clarification. I chuck the old marrow bones that my alive dog leaves around the yard after she's tired of them. I do worry about cooked bones for fear of splinters in her throat. Lobster shells, on the other hand, go into the pile with no regard for the dog. If she wants to eat shells, I can't reason with her.

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Barefoot C: It's not dangerous to compost meat and dairy, just not recommended by most sources. The reason it's not recommend is not because it's a detriment to your pile but because it can attract critters. If you bury your food scraps deep enough it's not a problem, especially if your pile runs hot.

The only food I don't compost are those that are especially salty.

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