Where to get "warm" in-fountain lights?

jaxoNovember 3, 2013

I just had new garden lights installed and then a light installed in the top of my vase fountain.
All of my garden lights are very warm and natural-looking except for the lights inside the fountain that turned out to be super-white.
I like the effect of the light in the fountain because it lights up the water and has a neat look to it almost like a flame at night other than the white color.
I already went back to the place where I bought the fountain light and they said this is the only model they carry.
I would like to find a similar light that is more of a match to my other garden lights or else is even more yellow/orange so it actually looks like a real fire at night.
Maybe there is some kind of yellow filter I can put over the lights that will not interfere with the water flow?

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Here is a photo showing what the fountain light looks like compared to the rest of the lighting.

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Here is another photo showing what the lights physically look like.

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