Replacing my Silver King Euonymous'

doylecjdJuly 1, 2013

I really, really like my Silver King Euonymous. I have 4 of them across my front bed, they provide the perfect contrast to the rest of my plantings and they show off Christmas lighting like no other. However, scale is killing them and it's killing me.

I can't keep up with the amount of scale infesting the plants now. I've been diligent with 'organic' mixtures found here to combat the scale (vegetable oil, baby shampoo, baking powder, etc) but it seems to have little, if any effect. This year has been the worst. I've sprayed, scrubbed leaves, scrubbed branches, etc... but I simply cannot keep up with the spread.

As much as I hate to replace them, I need something with a similar look to the variegated, medium size leaves, but it has to be something much less susceptible to scale.

I prefer some sort of evergreen with medium leaves. Something lighter green but it does not have to be variegated. These sit behind some smaller, sculpted english boxwoods so I am looking for a bit of difference. The Silver Kings are perfect would it not be for the scale.

I am in NJ, zone 7a as I understand it and these shrubs get full sun from about noon until 6 pm or so.

Any recommendations on something similar that is a little less maintenance intensive?

Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

why not suck it up.. and treat them with bayer systemic tree and shrub... thats a pun ...

and be done with messing with scale..

one shot.. and you are done ...


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Thank you Ken, Are you referring to the Bayer tree and shrub granules? Will this kill the existing scale and prevent new infestations?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i use the liquid.. no experience with granules ... so many oz per so many gallons of water.. depending on the size of the plant.. drenched into the soil around the plant ...

it will kill them ... unfortunately.. dead ones look just like live ones ... lol ... the only way to tell is to scrape one off and find out if it is wet or dry under the scale ...

but most of all ... you will kill them before they lay eggs.. therefore you wont get the wigglers next spring ...

i the few plants i have had scale.. i have never had to retreat ... once the cycle was broken ...

but i never used it on Euonymous .. which has BIG problems with scale ...

read and follow all label instructions with whatever you decide to use ...


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That's just what I needed. Thank you!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you are welcome...

i tend to ignore 99% of the problems that come and go in the yard .. not even bothering with organic solutions ...

but when it has to be done.. i go full bore ... none of this.. if you happen to be out there with a jewelers loop .. on the right day in march.. you can suffocate them with oil ... bull droppings.. lol ...

yeah sure.. and sooner or later i will turn manure into gold ...

please.. whatever you do ... with this hardcore stuff.. DO IT ACCORDING TO THE LABELED INSTRUCTIONS ... and not an oz. more than needed ...

its not the kind of stuff.. you WING IT on ...and use some chemical proof kitchen gloves... as you dont want to bathe yourself with a systemic .... i figure if the gloves can take oven cleaner.. they are tough enough.. just consider the few dollars a cost of buying the systemic ....

good luck


ps: my real answer is my personal hatred of E.. and the fact that you should just get rid of them.. and plant anything else.. as scale only hate these .... and that is why i dont have them anymore ... and if this treatment fails.. get rid of them.. and dont poison mother earth a second time ... learn to hate them as i do ... lol

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Hahaha, thanks again. I can learn to hate them, quite easily too if I can find something comparable in look. Doesn't have to be identical, but I like consistency and a nice contrast to the layers sitting in front of them. Thanks for the tip on the instructions, I'll follow them closely.

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How about pittosporum? You can trim them as you have the eu.'s and they have a nice contrasting texture/color.

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Thank you. I'll look into the pittosporum. In the meantime, I bit the bullet and used the Bayer T&S this weekend. I don't expect any big changes quickly but we'll see how it goes.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the systemic will not fix what is there.. nor will it make scale disappear ...

but what you should see in a month or two.. is fresh new growth ...

and next spring.. you should NOT see new branches with scale ....

do you know how to tell a live scale from a dead scale... peel one off.. and squish it.. if gooey.. it was alive.. if dry.. it was dead .... yeah. i know.. disgusting.. lol .. but you gotta know ....


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Yes, I understand the scale will stay until I scrape/clean them off, but it will kill them as I understand. Fortunately, while there are a lot of them, damage is not too extensive. I've tried the old homemade mixtures of baby shampoo, baking powder, vegetable oil, etc... to non-noticeable results. I still get decent growth, but leaf fall off has increased a bit. I'm hoping this stops the decline if it doesn't actively reverse it.

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pittosporum may not be hardy for you.
just an fyi, my variegated p. tobira is at least 10' tall and about 6' wide so maybe not a good candidate for an area as small as your foundation. it wants to be a small tree around here.
there are dwarf forms, though. hardiness may still be an issue.
maybe one of the variegated daphnes would work?

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Chris_MI(z5 MI)

I used the rose systemic on my euonymous shrubs this spring. It took care of all the scale and the new growth shows none. Like you, I was going for the color contrast (yellow euonymous) in the landscape design and this shrub was the only one to fit the space. Your design looks great.
I forgot to apply it again at 6 weeks, but tomorrow is a good day to get that job done-but it might be too late in the season for the fertilizer. I want to keep them scale free. I've added it to me spring 'to do' list.
It would be too much work for me to try to remove them from my yard and buy/plant something else.
Sometimes we must just bite the bullet and use chemicals. I don't know if I used Ortho or Bayer, sorry.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

chris.. why dont you research the life cycle of the scale... before you go poisoning mother earth again ...

if you killed momma scale.. and she didnt lay eggs.. and they dont fly around.... then it would be pollution to treat repeatedly for them ...

one proper treatment for scale.. should eradicate the problem FOREVER ...

and you would NOT treat again.. until you found more live scale ...


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Chris_MI(z5 MI)

I agree that we must be careful with all chemicals. What is on my spring list 'is to check those plants'. As a Master Gardener for over 35 years, and having taken numerous classes I understand your concerns. These are the only plants on my acreage that I would use those kinds of chemical on--not even my roses get the systemic. And NO the systemic does not last forever- it is about 2 years before I see scale on new parts of the shrub-I will often pinch off leaves to remove those invaders.
I had European scale on a peach tree, and the oil did not help, so as difficult as it was physically I just chopped down the tree-those peaches were so tasty too.
But we must all be careful and use our brains to work out a balance. The one year I did not use ant killer around the house, I was invaded, and I spent $5,000 in home repairs from those darn critters.
A few chemicals that I use is nothing compared to the gallons that farmers use on their corn and soy crops every year around the country. Preach to them.

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