keeping a hole open in pond

zgardennut(zone5b)November 17, 2013

I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on using a birdbath heater (non-floating) for keeping a 50 gal. pond open in winter.
I have the heater already. was hoping to not have to buy a pond deicer. Also wanted to have access for birds to get a drink if possible.

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So is this heater designed to sit on the bottom of the bird bath? Does it heat continuously?

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I guess you could hang it at the surface from a piece of foam... maybe cut a circle in the foam and suspend it within the circle.

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Yes it is meant to sit on the bottom of a birdbath. It shuts itself on and off as needed by the temperature.

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Hi, I'd be kind of weary using the bird bath heater in that way. They are designed for a gallon or two of water, not a fifty gallon pond. Of everything I've seen, a simple bubbler works best. Make sure you get an aerator that is designed for outdoors. A simple air stone works well, and will keep an open area for birds.


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