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cmw21July 15, 2009

We are completely re-doing are entire landscaping. I am trying to find a colorful combination to put under my dining room window. This area gets a lot of sun until about 1 pm.

I was originally wanting to put a couple fine wine weigala along the back of the bed and surround them with magic carpet spirea. There will also be some mixed perennials in the bed.

Is this enough sun for the weigala to be successful. I read that they require full sun. I guess this area is close to full sun as a little over 6 hours from sun up, they would be shaded from the afternoon sun however.

Or would I be better putting a larger spirea in the back - like goldmound for flaming mound in the back and put midnight wine weigala in the front. Does midnight wine do better than the fine wine variety in these conditions?

Thanks so much for your help.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

I think your best bet is the Fine Wine with the Magic carpet as the border. Good height, color and texture variation. Consider a 10" groundcover in front of the Magic Carpet to give some summer flower interest...its all about layered interest. Don't the midnight wine with the flaming mound is this type of application, they are pretty mucht he same height. Also, Fine Wine is an improved variety of Midnight Wine.

I am very happy with my Fine Wine, those dang rabbits eat them to the GROUND, since I put them in two years ago and they sprout right up 3ft no problem.

If you get full until 1pm your good. Full sun is considered 6 or more hours. Plus your in zone 6.

What should be more of a concern is Weigela like a Well drained soil...if its consistently moist/wet not the best choice.

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In my experience several different spirea cultivars will root spread in my flower beds. Especially if they do not have something else as signficant as them competing for space with them. So it does seem good that you are wanting to plant the Wine and Roses weigela with them.

The more dominant 4 inch Weigela leaf size, color, and form seem to me as being a better fit as a background planting in your bed. That is as long as their flower colors still compliment well with the color of the siding (be it brick, wood, stucco, or other) on your house.

When creating the bed where you plan for this landscaping, simply install a root barrier along the front border, beneath the above ground edging you plan to install.

Then consider: why hide the weigela shrub behind other shrubs? Instead why not simply choose a spiraea in front of them which will only grow 1-2 feet tall, and make certain that you purchase the size of Weigela, which is at first planting about 3 times taller than the actually grown size of spiraea you choose to purchase.

For this purpose, maybe you could consider planting the Spirea Double Play Gold, which is reported to grow to about 1-2 feet tall and spread about 2-3 feet

It's my opinion that the Wine and roses weigela and the Double Play Gold spirea seem to contrast nicely to bring out some of the diverse color shades in wiegela'a leaves. That is unless you would prefer a spiraea cultivar that still grows to only 1-2 feet, but also has leaves, which seem to often times stay more consistantly a slightly, bluish green color throughout the growing season. If so, then you might consider the Spiraea Japonica 'Norman,' which grows to about 1-2 feet tall,is reported to only spread 1-2 feet, and which is reported to bloom from June through August.

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Thanks for the suggestions Katrina, I'll have to check out the double play gold.

I am glad you have been happy with your Fine Wine. Glad to hear that the sun shouldn't be an issue, we thankfully have well draining soil.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

I don't know the Magic carpet is the way to go.

Magic Carpet will get 18", maybe 24" in optimal conditions. The bonus here is you get that phenomonal firey red in spring and the rusty red fall color.

Double Play Gold...nothing, gold gets a little more instense in fall.

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It sounds like you have full sun, surely enough sun for the weigela.

I have Wine and Roses weigela, and Magic Carpet spirea, also Goldflame, Goldmound (which prefers part-shade in my yard) and Neon Flash. If you like Magic Carpet's fall colors, plant it in front of Wine and Roses for a spectacular fall show!

Or, if you prefer, use Goldflame behind a smaller weigela. Either way, you can't go wrong! :)

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