Can cotinus volunteer be transplanted?

boldcolors(Zone 5 Ut)July 29, 2011

I've looked high and low to an answer to this question. I've got a purple cotinus in zone 5, about 6,000 ft. It has a volunteer growing nicely (about 24" to 30" tall) about 18" to 22" away from the main plant that was planted about 5 years ago. Can I transplant this lovely plant to another part of my yard? Anyone had any success with something like this?

Thank you for time,


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

TIMING is the issue ....

dont do it in august.. for sure ....

if it were me.. i would take a small hand trowel ... and dig in there like an archeologist .... i doubt its a volunteer ... rather than a rootsucker ... so lets find out if it has any of its own roots ....

if it does .. then in fall .. after it loses its leaves .. i would dig it up .. and move it .. and probably cut it down about half way ... IF it has a small root mass of its own ...

if it has no roots.. let us know.. and maybe we can come up with other options ... like partially cutting the root attaching it to mom.. so that roots will develop next year .. and we can move it next fall ... on maybe next spring ...

just be sure.. its nothing to do in august .... august is for planning what you do at other times of the year ...


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boldcolors(Zone 5 Ut)


Thank you so much. Makes perfect sense! I was looking to the future (and a new bed I've doctored up and letting set a season). Your detailed thoughts are just what I needed to really get my mind straight on the whole matter. Get back to you after I go hunting for roots (Got company here now that might be several weeks here in the future).


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)


Check out the link below for more info that you may find helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Planting a Tree or Shrub

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boldcolors(Zone 5 Ut)

Ken, My company is gone. I dug like a archeologist and here's what I discovered. A branch of my Cotinus was now laying under dirt it looked like it was a new plant further away from the mother plant. I followed that branch, then pulled lightly. The branch didn't go all the way back to the mother plant but stopped short....about 5 inches away. I guess this branch did some of its own ground there are roots (pretty nice ones) where the branch meets the ground.
With all the things I've discovered...would your advise still be the same as you posted above?

Thanks so much for your time and advice,

PS Thank you Brandon7 for the great link

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