Prunning of very tall burning bushes

dorothy9_gwJuly 6, 2010

I have never posted here before but live in a town house in NW Arkansas and this morning the grounds crew came in and, without asking our permission, proceeded to "butcher" the burning bushes that conceal our 10-12 foot foundation. The reason being they were too tall for them to prune. Their method of prunning is to make anything into a ball! They have whacked them down to about 4 feet and my question is how long will it take these poor things to recover? Our unit connects to one neighbor who told them not to "trim" his back so you can imagaine what a mess we have. Anyone have ideas about this except to do in the grounds crew?

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They will recover just fine - they can take a severe pruning. You might want to tidy up their work so that the end result looks better. They may well put out new shoots in response to the pruning, and hopefully those will have time to harden off before your first freeze.

If that new growth gets killed in the winter freeze, just trim it off come spring. At any rate, these should look good enough come spring 2011.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

dad had one that was going on 15 feet.. blocking his driveway.. and cut it 3 inches from the ground.. and without insult to the root system.. within a few years.. it was back to 6 feet .. and ready to be beat back with a stick again ...

i call these type of plants ... 'run them over with the truck' type .... being you can run them over.. and they will be back with a vengeance soon enough ...

as noted above.. if you think it needs some help go back at it ...

a picture would sure help with future suggestions ...


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