Overwintering Lotus Tubers

piranha338(8/9)November 15, 2008

Hello Everybody, I was just getting ready to overwinter my water garden so I siphoned the water out of my 55 gallon pond, tipped it over and picked out my lotus tubers. I also have a hardy water lily. How should I over winter them? It doesn't get too cold here in CA-sometimes it freezes, but not too often. Should I put my tubers in a refrigerator? I don't have a basement or anything here, and if I bury the tubers, I have a dog that would dig them up(and some neighborhood raccoons). Thanks!


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catherinet(5 IN)

I'm thinking in zone 8/9 you could probably have left your water garden intact.

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I'm in NC, i can leave it outside with at least 5" of water above the soil. my container is half under ground so I do not think they will freeze the tubers.

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sheepco(MN z4)

From what I've read lotus are hardy to zone 5, as are most hardy water lilies. As long as they don't freeze solid they'll be fine outside. You could just drop them in a bucket (or big tub) of water and keep them in the garage. Even if there's ice on top, the tubers shouldn't freeze.

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New question: Can I first divide my tubers and then repot and re-submerge them for the winter, or must I take them indoors once the tubers are separated? The plant did quite well this year after having been simply left in the pond all winter, but am thinking maybe three years without thinning would be pushing it. On the other hand, I want an early start next spring as the pond is to be featured on a garden tour in May. Leaving the tubers undisturbed seemed to promote earlier growth this year. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

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