Watering Shrubs

lostsoul62(6)July 27, 2014

I have over a hundred shrubs I water once a week so I am looking for a timer that I can set for 15, 20, 30, or whatever seconds so I can water each shrub equal. If I have a larger shrub or one that look a little dry then I'll go through two beeping sessions. Does anyone know where I can get a watch that will do that?

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

It isn't really possible to comment on watering shrubs without a lot more information. People will need to know more before responding. Firstly, where are you? Secondly, what shrubs do you have? Thirdly, is it really necessary to water the shrubs at all?

It is highly doubtful all your shrubs have equal water requirements so a one size fits all regime is unlikely to be optimal for their health.

If you really need to water them every week maybe the choice of species is not really suited to your climate. Since I've never watered a shrub I can't comment on how long you'd need the timer to be set for but it would certainly be many minutes, even 1/4 or 1/2 an hour deeply and infrequently rather than a question of seconds.

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This might be a convenience for you but it's not gonna provide any favors to your shrubs! First, watering by hand is excessively time consuming and a less than efficient method of delivering water. And 15, 20 or 30 seconds is insufficient water for just about anything, let alone something as large as most shrubs.

Can you not set up a drip system or at least a soaker hose? These can be attached to timers that will deliver the water automatically. Barring that, a hose (without a nozzle) set on a low trickle and placed at the root zone will at least deliver sufficient water and appropriately slowly to the entire root zone. You can set a timer for 15, 20 or 30 minutes to accomplish that.

The intent is to deliver enough water to penetrate down to the full depth of the root system, typically somewhere around 12" or so. This just cannot be done very well by your method. If you water this deeply, you will find that your shrubs produce a deeper, more robust root system and therefore will become more drought tolerant and require less frequent watering.

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I'm just asking about a watch and nothing else! I think this is the wrong forum but I didn't know what forum to go to.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Sounds like maybe Lostsoul is doing some kind of experiment instead of just watering shrubs.

Walmart has a great selection of watches, with timers on them, if that's really what your looking for. A kitchen timer might also work well for this.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)


I think the title you chose for this thread may be why people are assuming you mean "normal" watering. As Gardengal said, this type of watering wouldn't work for normal irrigation of shrubs, but people don't know that you know that (assuming you do). They are trying to respond to your concerns in a general manner.

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I've been watering this way for many decades and I have the most Beautiful yard in the neighborhood. In another state I watered this way and my trees and shrubs were the fastest growing and Prettiest out of 700 homes. I've search the web and can't find a watch that will beep every few seconds and that is why I posted here. A rule of life is if it works then apply it.

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

For some reason I can't figure out what a watch beeping every few seconds has to do with watering your shrubs. Can you explain further, please?
Do you have any pictures of your garden?

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Read my original post. I have 55 shrubs that are the same. So I would like to give each shrub the same amount of water and make it easy on myself so I don't have to judge every time I give them water. I don't water them Every week if it rains and how warm or cold it is. Again I'm just looking for a watch, Stop Watch, clock, timer?

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

You can buy a stopwatch at a sports store.

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Not one that beeps every 20 or 30 seconds and if there is send me the link. Thanks.

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

Easiest way is to count.

One Mississippi
Two Mississippi
Three Mississippi, etc.

A lap timer is going to restart immediately, so an error will be introduced moving from one shrub to the next.

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I think your right so I need a voice activated watch.

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dekeoboe(7B NC)

kitchen timer - set it for 30 seconds - it beeps - hit the start/stop button twice - it will beep after 30 seconds - repeat

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I've got a half dozen of them that I paid 1$ for each at the dollar store.

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