Does Anyone Do Their Own Cemetery Baskets?

duluthinbloomz4February 21, 2007

Perhaps this should go on the Container Gardening Forum, but there's not much traffic there. And with Memorial Day only three months away, nothing like planning ahead! I got tired of the terrible expense and rather pedestrian baskets the local greenhouses put on graves and started doing my own in 18" window box containers. I have three plots I decorate and have thus far gone with combinations of geraniums, petunias, pansies, snapdragons, etc. Any arrangement not placed by a greenhouse must be removed by June 15th. and I'm thinking I'd like to try perennials this year so after the 15th. I'd have things I really want to transplant into my own garden.

I really need some inspiration. Anyone do a contained grouping of perhaps a small hosta with sedum, or dianthus, or heuchera, etc. along with an annual for color?

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happyhoe(z6 OH)

What is the cemetery exposure like? If its's shady you could try the hostas. If it is full blazing sun stick with sun loving drought tolerant perennials. Other than that you came up with a great idea. just use you imagination.

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goodhors(z5 MI)

I use a terra cotta pot, bottom 2 inches of styrofoam, peanuts or chunks of broken packing. Terra cotta keeps plants wetter than just plastic, with styrofoam giving good drainage so no roots are soaking in water. I can only water every couple weeks if no rain. This pot has been very good for a number of years. I pick it up and store at home for winter, freezing would crack and break it.

I use annuals since our cemetary allows pots all summer. Sweep potato vine was nice along with new plants I had never seen. I just went shopping, tried stuff to see what would work. I don't do perennials because they only bloom once while annuals keep the show going all summer. You might try the annuals, enjoy the pot at home too.

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