French Imports confirmation from VG?

ogrose_txMarch 18, 2013

Has anyone gotten confirmation of these imports, that we ordered a couple of years ago, yet? I haven't heard a word yet, am waiting to order to complete a full order until I find out for sure...

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I have not gotten a confirmation on my order of four imported roses. I did find out that one on my order can't be filled. There was an email they sent awhile ago that stated that their import roses would not be available to be ordered this spring. I am not sure if that has changed.

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I got a notice that some of the roses I ordered a few years ago were not available. Anna Jung was one of them....I think. The other emails basically informed to NOT WRITE! NOT CALL! NOT EMAIL! This is very confusing.

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Yes, I'm confused, too; if they can't ship until later that's fine, but would like to know just how many I'm receiving...

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About 6 weeks ago, Gregg sent an email from Vintage stating that the import roses will not be shipped before the Fall of 2013 because the USDA has not yet released them from quarantine. The final USDA inspection is scheduled to take place in August.

A number of the 2010 & 2011 French import roses died. As Susan states above, Gregg sent a separate email to people who ordered those, informing us that they will not be available.

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