Tucked in the fish for the winter

annedickinsonNovember 10, 2013

I cut back the plants around the pond and made sure I got as much of the leaf litter out as I could.

I have the winter pre-filter set up and turned off the skippy filter and stream; just the tube sticking up from the pump now.

It always looks so sad in fall!!! I will put the bubbler in next weekend and do the final clean out. Then say "bye-bye" for the winter.

My one orange comet died this year so I am left with just 4 black fish, which I can't see unless the sun is shining on them. I will get something more colorful in the spring.

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I agree, its always so sad to shut down the ponds. During the spring through fall, your backyard seems so full of life. Then, it all goes silent. I almost feel like I hibernate for the winter. The water even looks darker, I believe that has something to do with the earths alignment to the sun.

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