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dove_song(WA State Z6b)March 20, 2014


I've lately been intrigued by the exotic, coral coloration I've seen of TOUCH OF CLASS after this winter. Totally lovin' this 1st day of spring!! Sooo I purchased one in anticipation of that tropical, coral color that I've only seen in photos. I plan on planting it in a protected area of my garen. Please share with me your TOC photos and experiences in growing it. :)

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I personally haven't grown Touch of Class, so I'm not an expert, but I will tell you about my sister's experience with it, she lives in Zone 7a, Oklahoma. I'm not even sure how many years it has been, but several years ago I gave her 4 roses that I ordered from Regan. They struggled along for awhile and all but the Touch of Class finally gave up and it is the only one that survived. I happened to be at her home today and saw it, it is huge! It is loaded with thick, healthy green canes and I am sure it must be at least 8 ft. tall, it looks very healthy. This did take several years to achieve, but some of those years included some really hot and dry summers and at least a couple of colder than normal winters. I do wish her camera had captured the coral color a little better, she sent me this picture a couple of years ago.

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It is very susceptible to powdery mildew, but it blooms consistently.

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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

Oh Wow--sooo gorgeous!! I'm feeling extra excited now. Thanks for sharing these photos and for sharing what you know about this beauty, Sara-Ann and Kousa!! :)

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Touch of Class is extremely hearty and vigorous in Z6b sw CT and probably where you are but it mildews here in SoCal and I haven't seen it around that much probably for that reason. I don't think it is too popular here or as an exhibition rose which it once was. It is tall and lanky and not the best bloomer and the blooms which have perfect high center HT form are a bit small and have no fragrance. Here in SoCal it is a monster requiring severe pruning to keep it in line and it could be one I don't end up, keeping..

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I grew both Touch of Class and Classic Touch, the very light pink sport of Touch of Class way back in the nineties in the old Newhall garden. Both provided arm loads of long lasting, usually one to the stem, cut flowers. Little to no scent, but they lasted a good week when cut. Disease wasn't a huge issue with either in that climate. They were good garden roses in that garden. Kim

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The fact that Touch of Class is so vigorous means that you will get a lot of stems and a lot of blooms one to a stem. And the stems are thick and it has always seemed to me that with this rose the bloom is too small for the stem.

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On occasion, when all conditions are perfect, Touch of Class will surprise me with some fragrance, but usually, I don't detect any scent from its blooms. I don't keep a lot of non-fragrant HTs in my garden, but I've had Touch of Class for years now because I love the color & form, and it is such a good performer here in my heat & humidity. I hard prune every winter, and by end of growing season, TOC is back to about 7 ft tall and about 3 1/2 to 4 ft wide in my garden....vase shaped bush with narrow bottom and widening to the top. Blooms aren't huge for a HT, but abundant, have long cutting stems, come at quick intervals and handle full blazing sun all day without issue. Sometimes blooms are more of a pinky salmon, sometimes very coral and always perfectly formed. I haven't noticed the stems being too thick for the bloom size, but I cut most of the canes back hard when deadheading to try to control height and keep some blooms down lower on the bush, so maybe that keeps the stems from thickening too much. Roses don't normally mildew down here...blackspot is our fungal problem. I spray my HTs as needed to control blackspot, so I can't really say how resistant TOC is to it. I don't seem to have a full bush shot of mine, but here are several pictures of blooms that show some stem, too:

And here's one showing the more coral coloring it often has:

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buford(7 NE GA)

I have a TOC in a pot (won it in a rose raffle) I haven't planted it yet. The blooms are gorgeous and I did detect a fragrance. My husband loves orangey roses, so here it's a keeper.

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Pat - Your TOC roses are lovely!

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seil zone 6b MI

Lovely pictures everyone!

I wish I could grow it. I've seen it win Queen of Show here more than once so I know it must grow well in my area but I tried it twice and both times it died on me. :(

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