The 'Seem to Keep Passing them By's - should I?

harmonypMarch 24, 2012

We are lucky (I think) to have a diverse selection of modern HTs at our local Lowes and HD, averaging around $8 a piece. Surprisingly good quality (to me anyways). I have SO many HTs already. But there is a list of them that I seem to keep passing by. I tell myself I have enough HTs, and have started integrating in some Romantica's and David Austins. Really feels like it's time for more bravery in some unfamiliar rose territory. But, the HT's do so darned well for me. Here is the list of roses I keep seeing and passing by. Are any of these "must have's" in your opinion? I love any and all colors. Prefer very fragrant, large blossoms, and disease resistance. Hot dry climate.


Touch of Class


Gold Medal

Sun Flare


St. Patrick

Memorial Day


Pope John Paul II


John F Kennedy

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seil zone 6b MI

Granada has lovely bright blooms and is fragrant. Touch of Class croaked on me. Memorial Day has large ruffled blooms and grows very TALL. Pope John Paul II is slow growing but has beautiful white blooms that open slow and last a long time and smell heavenly! JFK balled all the time so I hardly ever got to see an open bloom on it.

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Since I have Granada, Touch of Class, Mirandy, Gold Medal, JFK, Pascali-- I would be grabbing up PJP II and St. Patrick up..

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jerijen(Zone 10)

The old Edmonds catalogs described 'Granada' as having ". . . set new standards for powdery mildew." They were correct. AWESOME.
The only thing we ever grew that matched Granada for mildew was 'Touch of Class' -- and that was when we sprayed, religiously.

So I would say to anyone for whom powdery mildew was a common problem that those two roses were best not planted.

If mildew is not a problem for you -- the blooms are lovely.

Sun Flare is so like Sunsprite that no casual glance could see the difference.

St. Patrick is a beauty, IF you have some heat. In a cool, coastal climate, it produces neither the green tinge, nor the exhibition form.

Pascali is a lovely rose in SoCal, tho no longer fashionable. The blooms are on the small side for present fashions.


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The third time at Lowes I didn't pass by the Granada. I couldn't resist and DW was no help. The potted Granada ($7.98) followed me home. It's now growing in the garden as if it aims to please!

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goddessemer6(z9a NV)

Im in the same zone as you harmonyp and I have Memorial Day which I absolutely love, the smell is devine and it is a perfect pink bloom as far as Im conserned, the only other one on your list I have is JFK and it's getting SP'd, it blooms a lot and it is a vigorous grower but it has no smell for me and the edges of all the flowers turn brown so it looks very ugly to me, not what I wanted in a white

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I don't care for or grow modern hybrid teas (I have some from the early 1900's), but I've heard only good things about Pope John Paul II. That might be a good one to try. I've seen it and it's beautiful and I believe fragrant.

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St. Patrick gets better every year in my hot garden. It goes wonderfully next to a purple rose such as Route 66. It was made for the heat and I love the shades of yellow it gives.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

one thing I always wished I had done was be more picky and not fill my garden up so fast. Your taste may change over time, and then you must pull up roses and find new homes for them, or throw them out. It's okay not to be in a rush to fill up every last space. The original purchase price of the rose is the tip of the iceberg, really. Do you really, really want it, or do you just think its a good price?

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If you don't have much of a problem with Powdery Mildew I'd defiantly have Granada. Memorial Day, Gold Medal, PJP11 and Brigidoon are great selections for your HT section of the garden. Sun Flair is a great florabunda. I like it much better then Sunsprite. Better foliage, better sprays and an easy grow plant. By the way, I'm with you as far as adding new types of roses to your garden. 4 new and different OGR's and 7 new Austins.

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I have Tiffany, Granda and JFK. Tiffany and Granada give the most wonderful smelling roses. Granada color is affect by temp so darker pink/red when cool and yellowish pink when hot. JFK is creamy white that gets cut the most as it looks the rose you would get from a florist.
I was at Lowe's and a rose called Old Timer caught my eye, maybe I need to head over to HD to see what they have.

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